Frequent Causes Of Car Accidents

Every year, millions of people are involved in car accidents, resulting in a range of consequences from minor inconveniences to life-altering injuries or even fatalities. Understanding the common causes of these accidents can help drivers make more informed decisions on the road and help them understand how to respond and move forward after an accident. If you have been the victim of a car accident, contact a car accident lawyer today

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of car accidents. This involves any activity that diverts attention from driving, including talking or texting on your phone, eating and drinking, talking to people in your vehicle, or fiddling with the stereo, entertainment, or navigation system. It only takes a few seconds of distraction to cause a collision that could have been avoided.


Speeding is another leading cause of accidents. Driving above the speed limit is particularly dangerous because it reduces the driver’s ability to steer safely around corners or objects in the roadway, extends the distance necessary to stop a vehicle, and increases the distance a vehicle travels while the driver reacts to a situation. Higher speeds also exacerbate the severity of an accident’s impact, often leading to more severe injuries.

Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs remains a major concern on roadways. Alcohol impairs thinking, reasoning, and muscle coordination, all of which are essential to operating a vehicle safely. Accidents caused by drunk driving can be particularly devastating and consequential for victims. If you have been the victim of an accident involving drunk driving, contact an experienced lawyer today.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving includes a range of dangerous behaviors such as changing lanes too quickly, aggressive driving, malicious driving and disregarding traffic signs and signals. This type of driving shows a lack of regard for the rules of the road and the safety of others. It can lead to accidents that could have been avoided with a calm, measured approach to driving.

Poor Weather Conditions

Weather conditions significantly impact road safety. Rain, snow, fog, and ice can all lead to hazardous road conditions by reducing visibility and making the roads slippery. Many drivers fail to adjust their driving habits to match the weather conditions, resulting in collisions. If a driver’s recklessness or negligence exacerbates dangerous road conditions and causes an accident, they may be found liable for your accident. It’s important to slow down, keep more distance between cars, and avoid sudden maneuvers in bad weather. 

Seeking Professional Representation

As our friends at The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. always emphasize, being aware of these common causes of car accidents can help drivers make safer choices and potentially avoid dangerous situations. Each time you’re behind the wheel, it’s crucial to stay alert, follow the rules of the road, and consider the conditions you’re driving in. If you do find yourself in a situation resulting from any of these causes, an experienced lawyer can help you navigate the aftermath.